Care to share?

Being a woman in the digital age has to be one of the most stress-inducing experiences I have ever had. There is so much pressure and unspoken competition! It is far worse than “back in the day” when we weren’t all posting our little hearts out. I would suggest that there is so much pressure that we lose ourselves completely if we aren’t careful.

The signs are everywhere that this is not a competition I am winning or even getting a participation ribbon for showing up. Pinterest reminds me of my failures as a mom all the time, since I’m not much of a baker and have yet to redecorate the house to look like something out of a Hallmark Christmas movie. (On two occasions I was so tired from life that we didn’t even put up a tree. Festive Christmas Couch, anyone?) Facebook reminds me that I clearly chose the wrong profession, as I watch exotic holiday pictures float across my feed like an ad for Travel & Leisure. (non-profit attorneys take local trips, with coolers of food to cut down on dining costs, just in case you were wondering.) I watched the world pass by, in all of its high-definition glory, and wondered who I am and how I fit in.

Failing to fit in on the digital stage results in fewer likes, comments or shares on social media. This means what exactly; that I am dull or only being followed out of curiosity, sort of like having my own Mrs. Kravits peeking at my wall instead of peeking out of her window? (If you don’t know who Mrs. Kravits is, head to YouTube and watch some old episodes of Bewitched, right now!)

Okay, so you and I both know that none of this matters, right? Right. Well, sort of. It matters because this is how society has decided we are interacting with each other; from behind a screen, with a selfie-stick in hand. If you’re one of the cool kids, your likes are flying high. If not, well there’s always a good book nearby to get lost in. So we post and we watch and we wonder if we are enough. But here’s the good news. We are enough just as we are.

When I made the decision to stop posting what I thought people wanted to see, and started posting about who I am and what I love, that was an outward expression of my self acceptance. I adore dog videos (cats are cute, and goats are too funny) and clever cartoons and feel-good stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I post about date nights because I love documenting where my husband and I are going or the movies we are watching. On Pinterest I save pictures of flowers and animals and jewelry and things that simply make me happy when I look at them. (and I turned off my notifications so I have no idea if people ever share my stuff.)

So when you get a chance, if you haven’t already, take a minute to reflect on what you post and why; are you are reflecting your true self or looking for love and acceptance? Do you post out of necessity? Habit? Desire to share a piece of yourself with the world? Are you following people you care about or do you have a little Mrs. Kravitz in you? (Let’s be real, we all do but it’s not always a good thing) Anyway, taking the time to reflect may change your habits, clear your mind and help you feel a bit more centered about how you engage with your social media platforms.

Oh and one more thing, I also post about Jesus because I love Him and He loves me and frankly that is enough. I, you, us…we are all made from His love and that is the best status we could ever ask for.

Care to share?