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I am watching the bees feast amidst the lavender on my deck, quickly flying from one sprig to the other. I cannot help but smile. And I announce to my pups, Charlie and Maisy Lou, how cool it is to have bees around.

The pups don’t really seem to care much. And they go back to sleeping in the sunny breeze. But I keep watching.

This lavender is something else. It feeds all of us by simply being. It literally bloomed where I planted it and as a result, it now keeps bugs off my deck. In addition to feeding the bees, it provides a mini-hedge for me to meditate on.

Bee feeding on lavender

The lavender didn’t ask to be here, sitting between the sweet mint and lemon balm. But there it rests. Doing its job.

Living and supporting life.

This week I was listening to speakers from hope*writers. I spent hours reflecting on what my writing, this page, my book that is developing…what it is all about.

What is the message?

I struggled.

And I paced.

I cleaned and organized.

Then, I struggled some more.

And then it was right there! As clear as the sky after a storm passes through. Romans 12:9-18.

This is why I am here, telling my stories. We need more voices asking us to go beyond.

Love others. Never be lazy. Be ready to help. Live in harmony. Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone.


This is the message in Romans however it is also just a great way to be, right? You don’t have to be a believer to grab hold of this message, do you? I doubt it.

Just like the lavender, I have been placed here, in this little spot on the planet, to be what I was born to be, what we are born to be. Good. Loving. Helpful.

However, unlike the lavender, my gift is not feeding the bees. Likewise, I do not provide a beautiful, calming scent that blows by on summer afternoons. Mine is to support, encourage, and challenge you, members of this community, to walk in love by sharing our gifts with the world. Above all, the world needs you, just like the bees need the lavender.

For survival.

For growth.

To bloom.

How are you blooming in your world?



Care to share?