About Jen & Her Work

Launched in 2018, under the name Live Lavender, this is a community for people who believe life should be lived with personal growth and community support at it’s core. This site is quickly growing into a platform for cultural change, which is a joy to be a part of. Since we launched, people have tried new things, stepped outside of their comfort zones and discovered a new type of happiness. If you love helping others, want to discover your mission in life and believe in walking in love, you will feel right at home. 

During your time here each week, you will find encouragement, inspiration and challenges to take on. You will discover who you are and who you want to be. Over time you will make yourself, community and family stronger.

The blog combines personal stories, ideas for living and honest reflection on my own life challenges. Woven in may be scripture, or ideas from thinkers, that have helped me along my journey. I know they will help you too.

Publishing my work started after years of contemplation. I discovered that blending my love of writing, with a desire to shift the culture, requires putting my thoughts out into the world. Shifting cultures, whether in your home or around the world, is a big task. It requires us to look deeply into ourselves and our values so we can take those steps.  Our community members believe that this shift ultimately gives us room to live a happier and more fulling life. We also believe that living in the way of love is essential to achieving this goal. However, it is challenging to move away from the norms and expectations society has placed on us. It is really hard to make this shift alone. Support is needed. A safe community is required. My mission is to cultivate that. Yours is to embrace it and participate.

My writing has explored simple changes, such as socially responsible shopping for Christmas. It has also tackled the complex and painful struggle of holding on to God on the darkest of days. If you are new here, you can either begin at the beginning or read some fan favorites;

How God Stayed With Me During A Dark Day

A Night On Sacred Ground

Winning On Game Night

 Social Media Pressure: The Solution Is To Be Yourself. 

As a wife, and mother of two kids in their early 20’s, my life has been full of changes. Here on the Connecticut shoreline, where my husband Michael and I live, we are building this new chapter on a foundation of God’s love. Declaring love for Jesus, making some “counter-cultural” life choices and sharing that here is sometimes overwhelming. Bu it is always worth it. After 19 years of working as an executive and in-house attorney for non-profit healthcare & social service agencies, my time here with you is the next adventure in my mission-driven life.   

I love sharing what I’m learning with this community. I’m excited when members take up the challenges I explore. Most importantly, I am deeply humbled when you tell me that life is just a bit better as a result of our time together.  

As you and I step outside of cultural norms and into a life courage, authenticity and love, we will cultivate a new and more enriching life. This place, this movement, will not be the same without you. Make sure to subscribe to the weekly post, connect with me on Instagram and Facebook and comment, comment, comment! I am honored to spend time with you in courageous discussion, as we continue to live our authentic lives and walk in love as Christ loved us.

With gratitude & blessings,