A Note about Jen

When we make plans, God laughs. That is certainly the case when it comes to the purpose for this space. 

Publishing my work here started after years of contemplation. I discovered that blending my love of writing with a desire to support a shift from popular culture to one centered on Jesus meant putting my thoughts out into the world. It also meant I had to look deeply into myself so I could help others do the same. And while I am not sure that I made any progress in shifting our culture, I made exceptional progress in my relationship with God. I also heard my call loud and clear. It was not to write – that had been my will. God’s will is for me to accompany people who want to find their way into a loving relationship with Him. 

So the writing has slowed while my time with people in spiritual direction grows. It is an honor to create space for others to talk with God; one where they can discover the depth of God’s love for them.  I am so grateful for this space, for the writing I was able to share, and the discovery of God’s true call for me. Please enjoy the blog and reach out if I can provide support.

With gratitude & blessings,