A Few Of My Favorite Things

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Christie reflects on the houses and apartments she’s lived in and how she transformed them into places to call home. She also reminds us to open our homes to others as part of our mission to love our family and friends.

Emily guides us on how to make big, and small decisions, with a blend of practical and spiritual practices. Whether you feel stuck, afraid of taking a chance or are exhausted by the endless decision points in your day, Emily’s guidance can move you forward.

Kristen does a beautiful job of giving her readers a warm place to reflect on what it means to belong in all kinds of communities. She helps us to accept us that when we don’t belong in a particular social circle, we always belong to God, from whom all love and strength is found. 

Tracey Steel acknowledges that while life doesn’t always go as we have planned, there is a rich and important design taking shape. This is a nice read for all of us who need reminders, prayers and stories to connect with as our life continues to be redesigned.

When reading Sara’s extraordinary journey from not believing in God to immersing herself in the Jesus movement, I truly could not put the book down. Discover how her mission in life began to take shape the first time she received communion and the powerful community changes that took place as a result. 

Bishop Michael Curry is a dynamic preacher who launched into the international spotlight when he gave the sermon at Prince Harry & Duchess Megan’s wedding in 2018. Continue to be inspired to walk in love with this short book of engaging sermons. Read one in the morning and your day will be off to a great start!

There’s no doubt that we can easily miss God in our ordinary, everyday life. Tish helps us to acknowledge how we feel about our hectic and stressful life, and how small shifts in perspective can bring God into focus.

Whether or not you are in your middle years, this book will make you laugh and breathe easier. We need to give ourselves a bit more grace and honor the moments we have already lived. You will be able to do just that as you see your own story woven into Lisa-Jo’s essays.

The enneagram is my favorite personality assessment. Ian Morgan Cron is my favorite person to walk me through what the assessment means. This read will support your walk toward a more self-aware and centered life.

When life brings Shannon to a place she never expected to be, her mission and ministry became clearer. Read about how she took “love thy neighbor” to a new level and found treasures in ordinary days.